A Full-Service Family Law Firm

When your family is in crisis it is important to have a caring professional on your side. The attorneys at Rubino, Ruman, Crosmer & Polen, LLC, understand that the best way to resolve a family crisis is quickly through negotiation and mediation. However, they are equally prepared to represent your interest should the need to litigate arise.

We believe that client education and communication are the key to a successful family law practice and embrace technology to fulfill these needs.


A divorce brings about grief in the death of a marriage and uncertainty in the future, We work to replace that uncertainty by providing our clients knowledge of the law and process. We prepare our cases on two tracks simultaneously. The first track is for settlement; the second is litigation. Settlement is usually preferable as it produces faster results more closely tailored to the client’s needs, and better preserves a co-parenting relationship. However, if the circumstances dictate we are equally prepared to fight for our clients in the courtroom.


Parents of children born out of wedlock face unique obstacles. Unlike divorcing parents, they often lack a long-term relationship with their co-parent, and may be parenting with a perfect stranger. We work to assist our clients in establishing child support and parenting plans that work for their families.


We handle private adoptions as well as step-parent adoptions. We are not a child placement agency. When clients come to us they have self-identified the potential adoptive child. We often help grandparents, step-parents and other extended family members adopt children.

Mediation Services

Clients are usually ordered to mediate by the Court. However, some individuals choose to forgo lawyers and litigation completely and instead hire a mediator to help them prepare a settlement agreement to end the marriage or resolve other issues. If you are in need of a mediator, call us for an appointment.

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