Northwest Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Representing bikers’ rights to compensation for injuries

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to collisions and often sustain severe injuries when accidents occur. For this reason, the law imposes special conditions on motorcycle licensing and use. You must demonstrate your precise maneuvering and steady handling of a bike to obtain a license in both Illinois and Indiana. Yet, even with your caution, the momentary carelessness of another driver, thoughtless negligence of a construction crew or a treacherous pothole left unrepaired by the city can cause a split-second catastrophic accident.

Indiana motorcycle accident attorneys at Rubino Ruman, Crosmer & Polen advocate for the rights of bikers to have access to safe streets and respectful drivers who share the roadway. We understand the appeal of biking and we also recognize the inherent risks associated with:

  • Negligent motor vehicle drivers
  • Road rage hostility directed toward bikers
  • Poorly maintained roadways
  • Road hazards and debris

A legal team that advocates for bikers

Rubino Ruman’s legal team includes professionals who have significant experience in motorcycle accident litigation.

  • Our hardworking lawyers have more than 165 years of combined experience assisting injured bikers.
  • Our private investigator immediately examines the accident scene, interviews witnesses and collects relevant evidence.
  • Trauma doctors who are familiar with common motorcycle accident injures advise our lawyers on head and spinal damage, fractures, lacerations and road rash.
  • Accident reconstructionists assist us in accurately determining the exact cause of the accident.
  • Mechanics can help us evaluate whether a products liability claim against the bike manufacturer is appropriate in your case.

This sophisticated team develops winning strategies that truly protect the best interests of motorcyclists and recover the compensation you deserve.

If you have been involved in a bike accident in Indiana, motorcycle accident lawyers at Rubino Ruman can help

Rubino Ruman has offices in Dyer and serves clients throughout Indiana and Illinois, including Lake, Porter and Tippecanoe counties in Northwest Indiana.

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