Corporate and Business Law Attorneys in Dyer, IN

Building strong businesses throughout Northwest Indiana and Illinois

Whether you are looking to form a new company or expand your existing market, an experienced corporate attorney should be an integral part of your plan. Retaining knowledgeable legal counsel can often mean the difference between building a successful, sustaining organization and losing your investment. Rubino, Ruman, Crosmer & Polen attorneys possess more than a combined 165 years of experience helping large and small companies run smooth, thriving businesses by assisting with:

  • Formation of LLCs
  • Incorporation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract drafting
  • Vendor agreements
  • Human resources contracts
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Government compliance
  • SEC regulations
  • Environmental standards
  • Daily business operations
  • Taxation
  • Insurance

Formation of a new company and operation of an existing business

The preparations for starting a company can be exciting and challenging. We help you establish the most appropriate business entity, guide you on creating an effective business plan and assist you in maneuvering through the complex regulatory and statutory rules.

Existing businesses rely on us to improve their operations and increase their growth. Our meticulous legal counsel allows you to remain in compliance with the law, review your contracts, revise your business model and develop more efficient, effective procedures and processes.

Negotiating and drafting thorough contracts

With a firm agreement, you can feel confident that your business interests are protected. Our polished negotiators direct discussions toward solid agreements that reflect your business goals. We anticipate potential problems and draft provisions that clearly address these issues.

Resolving disputes through litigation and mediation

A lingering dispute absorbs valuable resources, time and money. Our attorneys act with efficiency to resolve your case and minimize the damaging impact on your business. We advise you when it is best to settle and when litigation is necessary to reach the most equitable results. Your corporate reputation is tied to the actions of your legal counsel. A properly handled dispute can help you preserve business relationships and promote a positive public response. Rubino Ruman, Crosmer & Polen approaches trial and mediation with the highest level of professionalism and ethics, and always puts your best interests first.

Companies count on our experienced corporate counsel

The attorneys of Rubino Ruman, Crosmer & Polen serve diverse Northwest Indiana and Illinois organizations. Below is a sample of the many types of businesses we represent:

  • Hammond Port Authority
  • North Township Trustee
  • Banks
  • Trucking corporations
  • Retail stores
  • Real estate companies
  • Medical groups
  • Religious organizations

Contact business law attorneys who provide the services of an in-house counsel

Rubino Ruman, Crosmer & Polen has offices in Dyer and serves clients throughout Indiana and Illinois, including Lake, Porter and Tippecanoe counties in Northwest Indiana. 

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