Railroad Accident Law Firm in Indiana and Illinois

Upholding standards of safety in public transit

Public transportation provides a reliable, effective form of travel throughout the region. Our sophisticated train system allows residents of Indiana and Illinois to commute easily to work and opens the area to tourism. We expect the trains, tracks, platforms and stations to be safe environments where we can move freely and with little risk of harm. The corporations and government entities that run our mass transit system, maintain the equipment and public areas, and inspect and repair the facilities and machines are responsible for acting promptly and with due diligence.

Rubino, Ruman, Crosmer & Polen holds the negligent parties accountable when failure to perform their duties results in injuries or death. We obtain compensation for persons injured and families of victims killed by:

  • Derailments
  • Obstructions to tracks
  • Crossing signal malfunctions
  • Highway crossing collisions
  • Trains striking pedestrians
  • Exit and ingress of standing trains
  • Stumbling on board moving trains
  • Unmarked or poorly maintained crossings

Catastrophic and fatal train accidents

Although railroad accidents are rare occurrences, they often result in catastrophic injuries because of the weight and power of train cars and they are typically caused by a negligent act. These accidents also tend to be highly technical, often hinging on precise measurements and evaluations of speeds, responses, angles and points of impact. Rubino Ruman, Crosmer & Polen has an experienced Indiana railroad accident lawyer with the extensive resources and skills necessary to handle large-scale, complex personal injury and wrongful death cases against government agencies and corporations with big pockets.

Public’s right to safety

The less common, more sensational catastrophic accidents receive the media press, but smaller accidents happen regularly because of crumbling station steps, slippery station surfaces, gaps between the train and platform, inadequately marked railroad crossings, insufficient lighting and other lapses in repairs and security. Our persistent, knowledgeable representation helps you to get your life back on track and promotes a safer mass transit system for the