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The Top 5 Boating Accident Causes on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan can be treacherous. If you are out with boaters, you may notice that accidents often seem only moments away. The five circumstances below are those that most commonly lead to injury, but far from the only circumstances that can cause harm.

  1. One of the more obvious causes of injury on Lake Michigan is boating while intoxicated. The practice is highly illegal for a reason and drunken boaters can cause damage to themselves as well as others. Alcohol reduces both capacity and reflex speed, making a dangerous combination on the water.
  2. Going too fast at night is also a common way to cause a boating accident. The waters on Lake Michigan do still attract a crowd at night, but visibility is greatly reduced. If boaters are unable to see other boats, going at a high rate of speed will all but ensure an accident.
  3. Reckless boating, as one might imagine, is also a common cause of accidents on the lake. Driving too fast, paying too little attention and “showboating” are all reckless behaviors and can end in tragedy. Though most boaters sail safely, those that do not can cause major issues for the rest.
  4. Unlawful towing of water skiers is often a cause of accidents. A boat should be at least ten feet long and seat up to three to avoid causing injury, but many boaters ignore these guidelines. Such actions can harm not only the individual on the skis, but also those in the water around him or her.
  5. Finally, there is the act of riding on the wrong part of the boat. Boaters are not allowed on the bow decking or gun wales while the boat is in motion, and not allowed on the decking of boast under 21 feet unless docking or mooring. If an individual rides on this part of the boat, tragedy can soon follow.

If you are injured on a boat in Lake Michigan, you should always contact a knowledgeable attorney that can help you to get the justice you deserve. There are many potential causes for accidents, but you should never suffer for another’s wrong-doing. Whether on Lake Michigan or elsewhere, a good attorney can help you put your life back together from a boating injury.

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