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In a Truck vs. Car Accident, the Car Always Loses

The weight of the average car is 4,000 pounds, making it almost half the weight of the average passenger truck on the roadways. A semi-truck can weigh up to five times what a typical car weighs even without any cargo loaded on it. With such dramatic differences in size, it is easy to see why the automobile is the loser in accidents with trucks every time. Something that weighs between 8,000 and 20,000 pounds can destroy a lighter vehicle and cause serious injury or even death to the driver of the car.

Unlike cars and trucks that are used primarily for transporting people, semi-trucks are large and cumbersome vehicles used to transport goods. Semi-trucks have limited maneuverability and may not always be able to stop quickly. With their vast size — and vast blind spots — the driver of a semi-truck may not even see other vehicles. Unfortunately, accidents with commercial and personal trucks still occur even when the driver of the car is courteous and knowledgeable about the other vehicle’s limitations.

At Rubino, Ruman, Crosmer & Polen, we represent car accident victims every day. If you have been injured by the driver of a personal or commercial truck, we encourage you to seek legal representation as soon as possible. This is especially important when your accident involves a professional truck driver. Most trucking firms have a large legal team to defend them when these types of accidents occur and may intimidate you into giving up your legal rights. Our firm employs a full-time accident investigator to ensure that the true facts of the case come to light. Our knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys are available now to discuss your case.

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