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Drunk Boating Prevention Policies Keep Summer Fun in Check

Alcohol is the cause for a fair amount of fatal accidents that occur in the summer while boating. Drivers who operate boats while intoxicated are just as dangerous as those who drive on the roads after they have been drinking. Boat operators who have more than .08% blood alcohol concentration are 10 times more likely to be involved in a fatal boating accident than people who are sober while driving.

Driver or passenger, drinking while you are out boating in the summer presents a much higher risk of drowning. Sometimes people get so intoxicated that they are unable to swim. Another issue is that people who have been drinking don’t realize that the water in the Great Lake states can be too cold, even though the air feels warm, and hypothermia becomes a very real danger.

Operation DryWater is a movement that wants to help boaters realize the danger of boating under the influence. They also want to have boaters take a pledge not to drink and boat this summer. Whether you are water skiing, sailing or fishing, you want to make sure that you are safe on the water. If you take the pledge as a boater, you can receive a free sticker to help promote those who are trying to make the water a safer place for all.

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