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Digging for Details

Digging for Details

Accidents happen every day—and many cause injury.  According to the Indiana State Police, almost 193,000 traffic collisions caused injury or property damage in 2010 alone.

After a serious car accident, first responders include medical and law enforcement personnel. Emergency medical technicians assess and assist injured victims, and law enforcement investigates the scene for causative factors and assignment of fault.

In the same way, an injured party must also protect his or her physical and legal rights by gaining top-notch medical and legal help immediately following an accident.  Recovering from injury is essential—and so is gaining fair compensation to pay for losses when the negligent or reckless behavior of someone else caused your accident.

Accident investigation in Indiana

Digging for details through meticulous accident reconstruction is vital to any successful personal injury case.  Our legal team includes a skilled attorney with police experience in accident reconstruction and an on-staff investigator. This enables us to determine what happened in your accident and how best to proceed.

A good accident investigation addresses the following issues:

  • Roadway and pavement analysis, accident markings, debris, and traffic mix
  • Accident scene measurements
  • On-board computer data
  • Weather and lighting
  • Physical and vehicle damage
  • Traffic signals and signage

Accident scene evidence disappears fast.  Creating an accurate scale diagram to convince an insurance company or a jury depends on digging deep and quickly to gain understanding of how you suffered injury—and why you should receive compensation.

If injured, get good legal representation—and make sure you get the details.

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