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Danger on the Premises

Maybe you twisted your ankle in a pothole and fell while walking across a supermarket parking lot. Perhaps you were struck by a falling object near a construction site. No matter what the cause, such accidents can leave you injured and unable to work or lead your normal life.  In the worst cases, accidents and injuries can result in permanent disability for the victim—or even death.

Premises liability is the law governing civil wrongs occurring to individuals on property controlled by another.  Part of our personal injury legal practice is working with clients injured—or killed—by the negligence of operators or property owners who fail in their duty to keep visitors safe.

After an accident like a slip and fall, we dispatch an investigator to document and photograph premises before fragile evidence is lost or conditions that could prove negligence repaired.  As with any accident case, gathering proof is essential.

Points we pursue on a premises liability matter include the following:

  • Property. Who owned or controlled the property where you were hurt?  We look at possession, intended use of the property, and responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the premises.
  • Purpose. What was your purpose on the premises?  You might have been an invitee, like a customer, a social guest—or a trespasser.  Status is important when assessing liability.
  • Duty. Those who possess property must follow a reasonable standard of care and maintenance.  We work to establish that our clients did not experience that standard and were hurt as a result.

No one going to a movie or to a store expects danger on the premises.  If you get hurt—we can help.

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