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Winter is Coming — Know Your Rights When it Comes to Slipping on Ice

Before you know it, the streets, sidewalks and yards of Indiana and Illinois will be covered with snow and ice, making dangerous conditions for driving and walking. While the highway department takes care of the roads, home and business owners must ensure that snowy or icy conditions don’t pose any danger for people who visit their property. This means keeping sidewalks shoveled and eliminating slippery surfaces whenever possible. For example, if a downspout from a homeowner’s roof creates an especially icy area, it is his or her responsibility to cover the icy patch with sand and warn others of the possible danger.

Liability for hazardous property

Unfortunately, home and business owners can be negligent when it comes to keeping their properties safe for others. Since no one can control the weather, people must use common sense in responding to the potential dangers it causes. This applies to anyone who walks outdoors, not just property owners. You can’t just run down an icy sidewalk with no regard for the fact that you could slip and injure yourself. Likewise, property owners are expected to anticipate possible dangers from falling on the ice and take every precaution to prevent injuries to others.

If you were injured in icy conditions that you feel were caused by negligence on the part of the property owner, the personal injury attorneys at Rubino, Ruman, Crosmer and Polen can help. Our knowledge and compassionate lawyers are available to listen to the facts of your case during a free consultation session. We have a thorough understanding of Indiana and Illinois personal injury laws and will use our knowledge to make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to. If your personal injury lawsuit against the home or business owner is successful, you may receive payment for lost wages, medical expenses and non-monetary losses.

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