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Stand Your Ground

Self-defense or wrongful death?

He liked computer games, hip-hop, and Miami Dolphin bed sheets.  His Twitter handle was Slimm.  He was a teenager who took care of his seven-year old cousin, and looked after a quadriplegic family member when needed.  He liked girls, did not earn exceptional grades in school, but wanted to go to college.  He went out for Skittles that night for a friend.

And he never made it back.

The story of Trayvon Martin is now well-known.  On February 26, he walked out for candy and was allegedly shot dead by Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, George Zimmerman.  Mr. Martin was a guest in the gated community where he was shot, unarmed, and had broken no law.

Describing Mr. Martin, in a grey hooded sweatshirt, as a real suspicious guy, Mr. Zimmerman followed Mr. Martin first in his car, then on foot, initiating the altercation that ended when a bullet from Mr. Zimmerman’s 9-millimeter handgun ended Mr. Martin’s life.

This hotly debated and widely grieved incident has yet to play out politically and legally.  Florida self-defense laws, providing liberal protection for premises and personal safety, seemed to protect Mr. Zimmerman until he was finally charged with second-degree murder.

While similar to Florida law, use of deadly force in self-defense is not justifiable under Indiana law for one who aggresses, or initiates a hostile encounter.

Wrongful death is a civil action to compensate surviving loved ones for losses suffered through the negligence—or intent—of another.  If your loved one is killed—stand your ground—our attorneys can help.

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