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Never the Same

Traumatic brain injury in Indiana

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report over one million people in the United States per year suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  TBI is an acquired injury that can forever change the way you or a loved one interacts with, and enjoys, the world.

A mild concussion is a form of TBI that results in temporary headache, confusion, foggy thinking, imbalance, and other symptoms.  While a mild concussion will likely subside, more severe—or repeated—injury can cause disabling and permanent personality and lifestyle changes.

Recent news and legislative focus on brain damage suffered by former National Football League players provides a backdrop for understanding the serious and pervasive effects of brain damage—life is never the same.

The National Institutes of Health report over half of all TBI cases are caused during auto accidents.  Direct penetration or sudden acceleration of the head during an accident causes the brain to shift forward and back within the skull, twisting and shearing axons and other brain tissue.

Research on TBI continues but as yet, success in treating these devastating injuries is elusive.  From a legal standpoint, TBI caused by the negligence of another creates a personal injury claim for compensation to provide a lifetime of care.

If injured in Indiana, contact our firm, or other counsel experienced with the valuation and aggressive pursuit of these complicated cases.  Understanding serious TBI means understanding life may never be the same.  If the reckless or negligent actions of someone else caused the injury, fair compensation for damages can make the future easier to navigate.

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